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*Halifax Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, in any of its employment practices, educational programs, services, or activities

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Halifax Academy as It Was

Halifax Academy's roots are an outgrowth of Center Academy, a school began in 1968. Seeing the need for a specialized, full-day school for students who were falling through the cracks in traditional schools, Center Academy was established as a positive alternative.


As Center Academy expanded to locations around Florida, it stayed true to its mission to help students with a focus on learning disabilities and other neuropyschological processing difficulties. It addressed the unique needs of each of these individual students. These one-on-one teaching methods and programs were further developed once Halifax Academy was born.

Halifax Academy as You Know It

Halifax Academy was born in 2003 to two life long educators, Joseph and Carol Dougherty. Mr. Dougherty, the Principal and High School Social Sciences teacher, had over 30 years of teaching experience when he and his wife, Carol, decided they wanted to provide a place for all students to reach their academic goals. They wanted a place that had the family interaction of a small private school and the social aspects of a larger institution.

After working with Center Academy as Principal for 7 years, Mr. Dougherty enlisted the help of his wife to brainstorm Halifax Academy. Along with her 20 years of teaching experience, Mr. and Mrs. Dougherty created the model for Halifax Academy:  A school that offers individualized study programs with one-on-one teacher interaction and a close knit community to help each Halifax Academy Knight realize, and reach, their potential. The Center Academy model was expanded to meet the needs of any student who thrives in an alternative, personalized learning environment. Today, these individualized study programs are offered for gifted and accelerated students as well.

After several successful years, enrollment quickly forced our school to move to a larger facility, and along with the move, our name was changed to Halifax Academy. Halifax Academy now houses all the traditional offerings of an elementary and secondary school while still allowing and encouraging personal goals and achievements