Halifax Academy's High School students enjoy all of the traditional offerings of a high school education with the added benefit of our unique one-on-one instruction.

High School students work at their own pace, receiving personalized direction from teachers. Social growth is promoted through group discussions and participation during each homeroom period. Our High School students are also allowed the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities to further their academic and personal growth.

Our High School students are offered the opportunity to dual enroll at either Daytona State College or Bethune Cookman University during their Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years. This allows students to receive both a high school and college credit for successfully completed courses.

More information on dual enrollment can be found here:

Halifax Academy, 386-252-9557, 275 N. Williamson Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114

*Halifax Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, in any of its employment practices, educational programs, services, or activities

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Halifax Academy's individual approach to education offers many unique and fulfilling scholastic opportunities for our students. The foundation of our curriculum; adjusting personal instruction to fit individual learning styles, small classes, NO FCAT, and a structured environment with a strong parental partnership to teach practical skills on an individual level. We use varied, personalized curricula to address the individual needs of each of our students, which is developed during your student's initial meeting with the Principal and staff.  This method allows students to work on remedial materials to address difficulties or be placed in more advanced programs in their stronger cognitive areas.

Our curriculum has been developed through the use of research, as well as trial and error over many years. In addition to the individualized system that addresses learning styles, our course offerings include subjects aligned with the Florida Sunshine Standards. We encourage all of our students to achieve their highest potential academically.

Our alumni have graduated and moved on to colleges and universities such as New York University, Florida State University, Daytona State College, and the University of Central Florida. Many of our graduates move forward with trade schools and careers, as well. Halifax Academy strives to teach students more than academics, we strive to empower each student with a strong sense of self worth and motivation and to incorporate that strength into whatever passions they pursue.

All of our students are expected to adhere to our Academic Honor Code.


  GRADES 4-8

Halifax Academy's Lower School consists of grades 4-8. These students are given the opportunity to work at their own pace. The small class settings allow generous time for personalized student-teacher interaction, with each class not exceeding a ratio of 16:1.

Our younger students are encouraged to participate in group discussions and projects weekly to build their self-esteem and prepare them for the more challenging aspects of high school, both socially and academically. These bright students are also required to take physical education to build a strong team environment among the classes.

Homework in school can have a stressful effect on students and their families. Halifax Academy's approach is to allow each student to fully focus on their classwork during school hours so no homework is needed. This allows for an optimal school/life balance that has proven to enhance the learning experience.

When Lower School students are in grades 6-8, they are encouraged to participate in school sports programs and clubs.